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Trip To Romantic Whitsunday Islands


Located about 6 hours south of Cairns city, the Whitsundays Islands are a chain of island groups located in between the Great Barrier Reef and the mainland. The islands are just off the town of Prospane.  Whitsundays Islands consist of 4 different Island Groups and is one of the hottest tourist spots.

Whitsunday Group – Dent, Hamilton, Hook, Hayman and Whitsunday are some of the most popular Islands in this chain. The islands here are known for their pristine white sandy beaches.

Lindeman Group – The only famous island in this group is the Lindeman Island which is home to three upcoming 5 star resorts.

Molle Group – Daydream, Long and South Molle Island are some of the famous islands in this group. Most parts of the island is a part of the national park. The remaining areas are a part of the high class resorts located on the islands.

Northern Group – Armit, Gloucester and Saddleback are part of the Island group as well as of the national park.

Most of the islands are part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park and are protected. Although entry is limited, the park has many trekking paths and camping sites, not to mention the many professional guided tours and cruises available.

For couples who love romantic nature treks and snorkeling sessions, romantic getaways near Whitsunday Island, such as the famous Misty Mountains Rainforest Retreat is the ideal place to spend a romantic and private honeymoon.

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