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Safety Tips for Operating Elevated Work Platforms on Construction Sites

There are different types of work platforms that are used on construction sites. Most of these are used for lifting and transporting construction material from one floor to another. Although these machines have made construction projects much easier but using these machines is not easy. It is essential to take the right safety measures to avoid accidents at construction sites.

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Following are some of the safety measures that should be taken when working with elevated work platforms.

  1. If it is the first time that your employees are working with elevated platforms then make sure that the supervisor goes through all rules and regulation. Only employees with proper training and certification should be allowed to work with elevated platforms.
  2. Before the delivery of the elevated platforms, there is should be a thorough inspection of the workplace. This is to ensure that the platform can easily fit at the desired location. If there are slopes or slippery patches or unstable surfaces, then a proper plan to avoid these hazards should be made.
  3. Always wear safety gear when working on a construction site. Safety gear should include a hard hat, proper gloves, thick boots, safety goggles and a safety vest. If you are working with aerial lifts then the operators should wear a proper harness so that they remain safe.
  4. Make sure that the elevated platforms have proper guard rails. Instruct all workers not to jump over or climb or guard rails. When working on elevated work platforms, always maintain firm footing.

Always keep elevated work platforms clear from any kind of debris or scrap material.

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