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Why it is crucial to take care of the skin at night

Skin is the most fragile part of your body. However, it is neglected most of the times. In this fast-paced life when we lead a busy life between work and family, the harmful exposure throughout the day may damage our skin and lead to premature ageing.

So, to keep the skin healthy, nourished and night skin care routine we should follow certain skin care tips in the night which are stated below:

Remove your makeup: Remove your makeup with the makeup remover or facial wipes in order to open all the pores in the night.

Cleanse your face: Wash your face with a warm water and a good cleanser.

Exfoliate your face: Exfoliation should be done twice or thrice a week in order to remove the dead skin and blackheads.

Use a Toner: After exfoliations, it is mandatory to apply a toner on face.

Moisturise it: After cleansing your face thoroughly it becomes important to moisturise your face, as when you wash your face essential nutrients also get washed away. So, to replenish them we need to moisturise our face.

Eye cream: You should regularly use eye cream in order to avoid puffiness, dark circles.

Lip Care: After a hectic daily regime, we all come home with chapped lips. So, apply lip balm regularly before sleeping.

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