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What security features are offered on Promo Code?

Every client’s major concern when purchasing and ordering financial documents. Checks Unlimited understood this problem at the very beginning, so it created a very special security feature plan that will ensure client’s complete safety and satisfy every client, but also pass every state and bank regulation. Therefore, Checks Unlimited can brag with its AMOCA certificate. This certificate is given by members of American Mail Order Check Association only to companies that pass AMOCA’s high criteria and guarantees that manufacturer of checks meets or exceeds standards of American National Standards Institute Committee. Among many other forms, vitamin shoppe promo code is the popular way of saving money while purchasing these very quality checks.

The vitamin shop promo code comes at different variations from percent-off discounts to 1+1 and free shipping. Besides that these checks exceeds ANSIC standard, Checks Unlimited upgraded and protected their checks with many security features. Some of them are:

  • MicroPrint Signature line – it appears as a dotted line when photocopied;
  •  Chemical Protection – chemical alteration causes spots and stains;
  • Erasure Protection – appears when document is erased;
  • Security Screen – located on back of the check

Again, vitamin shoppe promo code put a lot into their check designs, that are over 110, but also in the security of every client. Clients can find in special category Fraud Protection Services and Tips many financial and security tips so security of their information is 100% ensured.

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