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Worldwide Brands: How Does It Compare To The Alternatives?

While there are many reviews of Worldwide Brands and similar competing products to be found on the Internet, there are not many direct comparisons between WWB and the alternatives.  For those who don't know, Worldwide Brands is a leading directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.  In this post I'm going to answer the question, 'what are the alternatives and how does WWB compare to them?'

Doba – The Middleman

Doba is a drop shipping service – that means they take orders from you, sell you the goods at trade prices and then dispatch each order directly to your customer.

It's really easy to use Doba, and with about 2 million products listed there are many to search through and re-sell.  The problems are that it has a high monthly fee of $60 for membership, does not do wholesale (only drop shipping) and as they are the middle man they charge extra and you never get to deal direct with your suppliers.

Salehoo – The Other Directory

Salehoo is a directory, very much like Worldwide Brands.  It has about 8,000 certified suppliers and about 1,5 million products at trade prices.  Salehoo was founded in 2005 so is quite well established, and costs $67 per year.

Worldwide Brands – Which Alternative?

Although these alternatives are very good, in my opinion Worldwide Brands still deserves to be the leader among them – and it's worth the $299 price tag.

Worldwide Brands has more products than either of them (even both combined) and is so far ahead in terms of it's product database it nearly renders all other directories useless.

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