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All you know about the radiant cut diamond

Nowadays, you will find several types of diamond shapes online. Radiant diamond is one of the most admired diamond types. The radiant diamond has emerged earlier as compared to other diamond cuts.

This diamond involves a radiant cut which means it has the involvement of both a step cut and a round cut. It gives some shine that makes this circular brilliant cut popular.

The radiant cut diamond has 70 small facets. When you will review it from the top then the high quality radiant will have a diagonal pattern which makes the radiant different from other cuts. You will find the several variations on the radiant but the standard radiant is generally considered most versatile.

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Mostly the radiant diamonds are slightly rectangular in shape having a length to width ratio as high as 1.2. It also has equal sides of length. Also, the radiant cut diamonds have cropped corners.

Radiant diamonds are used in a variety of settings. Because of their beauty you can use it effectively as solitaires and can be set with accent stones.  

While assessing the radiant diamonds, you can use the same parameters that you apply to the regular round brilliant diamond. So, to get the best possible value you should consider using the following certification grades as a template, a carat rate weight in the range of 1. 

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